High quality Detailed Design and Engineering in plant projects ensure successful projects with lower risk of error, schedule delay and cost overruns. It lays the foundation for the engineering data-model that forms the core of the Digital Twin in operations and maintenance.

XDEC provide solutions for Detailed Design includes 3D, 2D engineering in parallel to modernize the workflows and maximize engineering efficiency and productivity to deliver cost-effective, clash-free, multi-discipline designs for easy project execution and start-up.

Silent Features
  • Process engineering calculations, simulations and reports.
  • Provide design calculations for static vessels.
  • Perform design and detailing calculations for foundation, layout and structural steel works.
  • Design basis & specifications​ as per international codes and standards.
  • Instrumentation hook-up design.
  • Electrification & automation circuit diagrams.
  • Development of intelligent design model.

3D Modeling

XDEC Engineers from multi-discipline involves in developing an intelligent model, providing detailed engineering information and 360deg view of the industrial plant. This will save considerable amount of time and cost of the project by efficiently providing accurate information.

The Practice of modelling the plant before final implementation and construction is widely adopted by the EPC’s and has become one of the integral parts of engineering phase. The digital model can be used to study various aspects of the job by providing integrated solution and visualization from mechanical, structural, piping, electrical and instrumentation streams.

Process Engineering

Prepare process data sheets & P&ID’S, provide line size calculations as per the given standards and required output, pressure drop PSV, relief valve and control valve sizing, hydraulic calculations, provide operation manual, propose design and control philosophy for optimized functioning of new and existing Plants.

Technical competencies
  • PFD, P&ID, line lists and process industry plant process engineering.
  • Upstream oil and gas/offshore processing.
  • Specifications and design basis.
  • Power plant auxiliary system process engineering (liquid and gas fuel cooling systems, charge air and exhaust gas systems etc.)
  • Utility systems (air, water, lubrication oil, fire etc.)
  • LNG production and LNG re-gasification (onshore and offshore)
  • New energy (Waste to Fuel, Hydrogen, Biofuel, Green Ammonia)
  • Carbon Capture and Storage.
  • Datasheets, technical component lists (equipment, valves, instruments etc.)
  • Cause & Effect Diagrams, participation in HAZOP.
  • Process descriptions.
  • Dynamic simulations / flow assurance.

Civil/Structural Engineering

With our skilled and reliable experts having wide knowledge of international building codes, we use BIM, CAD, and other advanced analytical and digital techniques to bring building renderings into life for the benefit of customers.

Industrial structures

We deliver high-quality services in multi-disciplinary plant and building projects such as service & equipment platforms, technological structures, boiler structures, pipe racks etc., within process industry, refinery, energy, oil & gas sectors.

Technical competence
  • Calculate and analyses Structural and concrete supports.
  • Prepare GAD’s.
  • 3D Rendered Model 
  • Provide with Fabrication drawings, Shop drawings and IFC drawings.
  • Issue MTO for all civil related purchasing.
Commercial structures

We can deliver complete services for commercial buildings, which covers private and public building projects such as shopping centers, hospitals, office buildings and parking houses.

Technical competence
  • Design Basis & Specifications
  • Architectural & Building Design
  • Building permitting design
  • HVAC & Plumbing design
  • Structural analysis & design of steel and concrete structures & sub-structures.

Mechanical Engineering

Concept design, Industrial modeling and analysis for final manufacturing. Product design & development for material handling equipment, static equipment, plant equipment. Lifting & transportation tools analysis.

Technical competence
  • Detailing and issue of vendor drawings.
  • Prepare bidding and technical requirements.
  • FEM Analysis.
  • Prepare material requisition documents.
  • HSE/Risk assessment.
  • Heat transfer Equipment.
  • Pressure Vessel, Storage tank and Columns as per ASME standards.
  • Rotating Equipment (Compressors, Turbines, Pumps & Mixers).
  • Compare and review the vendor quotation in terms of technical biddings and issue for approval.

Piping Engineering

Our core competences in layout & piping design vary from consulting expert services to multi-discipline plant projects. Project schedules set high demands on smooth design processes merging all design disciplines systematically together.

Technical competence
  • 3D Modeling & Review ​
  • Design Basis & Specifications​ as per International Codes and Standards
  • Specification customization.
  • 3D model symbol customization.
  • Detailing of Individual Lines.
  • Piping and Equipment Layouts​.
  • Vessel Trims & Nozzle Orientation​.
  • Pipe Stress analysis​.
  • Structural drawings.
  • Piping loads for civil structures ​.
  • Isometric drawings.
  • Support drawings​.
  • MTO’s (Material Take Off’s)

Electrical & Instrumentation

Technical competence
  • Fire Detection & Gas detection Design
  • Electrical heat tracing design
  • Earthing design​
  • Lightning protection design​
  • ​Office IT-system (Phone & DATA, CCTV & Clock systems)​
  • Lighting system Design​
  • ​Conduits cable ladder design​
  • MV and LV & DC cable routing design​
  • ​Verify short circuit calculations​
  • ​Electrical Equipment location design
  • Relay coordination study & settings​
  • Load flow study​
  • Arc Flash Analysis​
  • CT/VT calculations
  • MTO’s (Material Take Off’s)

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