Laser Scanning

Laser Grammetry is a precise laser data collection method used to document large objects and scenes. A flexible automated laser system is used to collect spatial data, generating a dense point cloud with millimeter relative accuracy which can experienced in a wide range of 3D scanning services in oil and gas applications to produce reliable, high-quality data.

XDEC uses latest technology including 3D laser scanning and heavy lift CAD visualizations to provide content with reliable, high quality data compatible with a wide range of software suites allowing clients to improve project planning and to achieve large savings by avoidance of re-work and clash.

We provide a full range of industrial measurement and dimensional control services for oil, gas, Petro-chemical and other industrial clients to meet all their survey requirements.

The data collected is a series of data points that represent the location of material struck by the laser beam and the collected data can be transferred to GIS, CAD, and 3D modeling applications, making it a valuable alternative to standard survey and measurement.

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